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Why Join BCNJ?

The Biotechnology Council of New Jersey is solely focused on building the biotechnology industry in New Jersey. BCNJ was founded in 1994 by industry CEOs to serve as the voice for this burgeoning cluster in New Jersey. Since that time, we at BCNJ have been focused exclusively on that mission and work around the clock to support, grow and promote the development of the State's rapidly expanding biotechnology cluster.

In 2003, through BCNJ's role as a sponsor of the New Jersey Life Sciences Cluster Study along with Prosperity New Jersey and the HealthCare Institute of New Jersey, as well as through BCNJ's seat on Governor McGreevey's Jobs Growth and Economic Development Commission, BCNJ Board members and staff have been working to ensure that the New Jersey biotechnology industry is poised for growth.

As a result of these efforts combined with the efforts of others in Governor McGreevey's Administration and throughout the Biotech Cluster, there have been significant, tangible results:

  • Governor James E. McGreevey and Treasurer John McCormac announced the initiation of a $10 million Biotechnology Council of New Jersey Venture Fund.
  • In response to suggestions by BCNJ, Governor McGreevey announced important changes to the Business Employment Incentive Program to allow biotechnology companies to qualify for the grant program with a minimum of 10 jobs created. This was reduced from the former 25 job creation minimum.
  • The New Jersey Economic Development Authority, under the leadership of Caren Franzini, enacted changes to the Tax Credit Transfer Program which will allow biotechnology companies qualifying for the program to continue to qualify even after they have grown beyond 225 employees.
  • The New Jersey Commission on Science and Technology was funded for the current budget year and in fact, is expected to be bolstered through important structural and program changes.
  • BCNJ was a partner in the formation of the New Jersey Biotechnology and Life Sciences Coalition, which will help to market New Jersey as a life sciences destination.
  • Through the Fisher Scientific Lab Supply Agreement, BCNJ member companies have saved more than $1.5 million on their lab supply costs.
  • A CSO Roundtable has been launched which will bring chief scientific officers together to network, share resources and compare experiences in an effort to build a community that will benefit each participants' respective company and the cluster as a whole.
  • At our annual joint Symposium with Pennsylvania, more than 500 industry executives from 15 states, Canada and the UK converged in Jersey City for a two-day session including workshops and panel discussions on topics from attracting venture capital money to building the region to nanotechnology.
  • Through a series entitled "Growing Biomedical Research in the Garden State", in conjunction with UMDNJ and the New Jersey Association for Biomedical Research, BCNJ and its partners have helped to elevate the awareness of roadblocks to technology transfer in New Jersey.
  • BCNJ visited the New Jersey Congressional Delegation at four different times over the past year: to brief the Members and their respective staff members on the results of the New Jersey Life Sciences Cluster Study; as part of the Biotechnology Industry Organization Day on the Hill to discuss research, reimbursement, tax, Medicare, and related issues; to encourage NJ Congressional delegation support of the Bonds for Business initiative which will allow biotechnology companies to qualify for tax exempt bonds for development and to remedy the recent SBIR program changes which disallow biotechnology companies from qualifying for SBIR grants if they are more than 50% funded by venture capital; and to meet with Congressman Ferguson, NIH leadership and key industry members to discuss bringing additional NIH dollars to New Jersey researchers.
  • BCNJ, in cooperation with Rutgers, UMDNJ, NJIT and Princeton, hosted "A Biomedical Engineering Showcase: Bridging the Gap Between Industry and Academia in New Jersey" on February 13 which brought more than 300 researchers, industry and students together for a series of panels and community building.
  • On April 29, 2004, BCNJ, AeA, Advancing the Business of Technology and the HealthCare Institute convened the annual High-Tech Hall of Fame Awards Gala to honor researchers, industry leaders and government officials for their leadership in moving the industry forward.
The Biotechnology Council of New Jersey is single-minded in its commitment to the growth and prosperity of this important industry and welcomes the input of industry members on ways to bolster that mission.

We sincerely hope you will consider your membership with BCNJ as an investment in your company's future. Thank you.

Yours in the BCNJ,

Kenneth I. Moch
Debbie Hart

Click here for a printable form to become a member of the Biotechnology Council of New Jersey (PDF).